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Seamless benchmark reporting  •  Boost patient volume  •  Increase reimbursement levels

In 2018 90% of Medicare payments will be tied to quality. Don't get left behind as groundbreaking changes to the way you are paid by Medicare come into effect.

Gain insightful observations from our experienced consultants on the changing landscape and how your reimbursement rates can be maximized. Learn what solutions may work best for your practice when it comes to Chronic Care and Transitional Care management.
As healthcare pivots to a patient-centered plan of care learn about solutions that can seamlessly provide you with the opportunity to be paid more for better, higher quality care, all the while helping you to remain independent.
Get paid for managing the care of patients with chronic illnesses between office visits, a service that has traditionally gone uncompensated.
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"You guys are truly the best ... I am so happy you have been there to help and support me in so many different ways."

Vivien Newbold, MD
Family Practice / Walk-In Clinic
Gallipolis, Ohio

"I recently opened my Concierge Medicine and Cosmetics practice. I am a seasoned physician but a complete novice at opening a clinic. I feel as if I went from overwhelmed to having an entire staff of professionals focused on my success overnight. I could not have done this without them. "

Kevin L. Carr, MD
Lutherville, Maryland

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